Police Department Information

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Chief of Police:
Henry McKinnon hmckinnon@newhavenin.org
Deputy Chief
Rod Hormann rhormann@newhavenin.org
Stephan M. Poiry spoiry@newhavenin.org
Brent Bolinger bbolinger@newhavenin.org
Corey Smith csmith@newhavenin.org 
James Krueger jkrueger@newhavenin.org
Kevin Hamrick khamrick@newhavenin.org
Jeff McCracken jmccracken@newhavenin.org
School Resource Officer
Darren Peterson dpeterson@newhavenin.org
Patrol Officers:
Dan Ulrich dulrich@newhavenin.org
Greg Anderson ganderson@newhavenin.org 
Jonathan Wenzel jwenzel@newhavenin.org
H. Greg Lininger glininger@newhavenin.org
Zachary Moord zmoord@newhavenin.org
David Jackson djackson@newhavenin.org
Tim Moord tmoord@newhavenin.org 
Kurtis Jeffers kjeffers@newhavenin.org 
Heath Barnes hbarnes@newhavenin.org 
Robert Reece rreece@newhavenin.org
Amber Woodson awoodson@newhavenin.org
Landon Sell lsell@newhavenin.org


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