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The New Haven Board of Zoning Board of Appeals meets every month at the City Administration Building.  At these monthly meetings, the Board holds public hearings to review applications for variances from specific provisions of the New Haven Zoning Code, special exceptions, contingent uses, or appeals to decisions made by the Zoning Administrator.

     Prior to a public hearing, the Board places the required legal notice of the hearing in the Fort Wayne Newspapers and also notifies, by mail, others who may be an interest in the request.  The staff generally notifies those property owners in the immediate area of the subject site and those neighborhood associations in close proximity to the site.

     Applications made to the Board of Zoning Appeals must be completed by the petitioner or an authorized agent.  Submissions must be received by the Planning office no later than close of the business on the filing deadline listed on the 2018 Public Meeting Calendar.  This allows time for the staff to provide public notice as required by Indiana Code and forward the submitted information for each case to the members of the Board.

     The Board strongly urges applicants to explain the request to the adjacent and nearby property owners and the neighborhood association, if applicable, prior to the public hearing, By doing so, the limited amount of time available at the public hearing can be focused on the request rather than unrelated items.

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