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The Board of Public Works and Safety admninisters the spending of the budget that has been approved by the City Council and approves or rejects city spending. Duties and additional powers for the Board also include approval of city contracts, control over streets, transportation, water, sewer and storm utilities. (I.C. 36-9 and I.C. 8-1.5)
The Clerk Treasurer shall be elected under Indiana Code 3-10-6 by the voters of each third class city. The term shall be four years beginning at noon on January 1 after an election and continuing until a successor is elected and qualified. The Clerk Treasurer is the clerk and the fiscal officer of each city. The Clerk Treasurers duties are specifically defined by law.
Clerk Treasurer duties include:
- Serve as clerk of the city legislative body and maintain custody of its records.
- Serve as clerk to the New Haven/Adams Township Governing Body.
- Maintain grant records.
-Responsible for the billing and collection of utility bills.
-Have charge of all documents and books entrusted to the office by statute or ordinance.
-Swear in new Police officers and Firefighters.
-Solemnize marriages.
Fiscal Officer duties include:
-Prescribe the manner in which creditors, officer and employees shall be paid.
-Audit all accounts of the city and submit a report annually.
-Manage and direct the finances and accounts and make investments of city monies.
-Provide the Mayor with the budget estimate each year.
-Collect all fees due to the city fixed by ordinance.
-Issue all city licenses.

The Common Council exercises the city legislative authority (I.C. 36-4-4-4) and makes the laws that govern the city and appropriates the city's monies.
Click on the Council Member's photo for more information.
City Council Meetings:

2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month

7:00 pm

Location:  New Haven City Hall
               815 Lincoln Highway East
               New Haven, IN 46774
Floyd Ball
Floyd Ball
District 1
Sarah DiGangi
Sarah DiGangi
District 2
Craig Dellinger
 Craig Dellinger
District 3
Bob Byrd
Bob Byrd
District 4
Steve McMichaelSteve McMichael
District 5
Terry A. Werling
Terry A. Werling

Dave ChevironDave Cheviron
Sustainability Analysis dated 9-20-13


The City Court was created by ordinance in 1998.  Judge Geoff Robison was elected as the first judge of the City Court and began his term in January 1, 2000. 

The New Haven City Court is located on the second floor in the New Haven City Hall Facilities at 815 Lincoln Highway East in New Haven, IN. City Hall is located one half block west of the intersection of Lincoln Highway & Broadway near the downtown business district of New Haven.

City Code Enforcement
For a Better Community
The city of New Haven has already established itself as a place you want to live. City codes are in place to define standards so that all property owners can rely on the safety, cleanliness, and maintenance of their neighborhoods.
Sometimes, Code Enforcement personnel are in a position to facilitate the remedy of problems that adversely affect neighborhoods and individual property owners.
This deparment is dedicated to maintaining New Haven as a desirable place to live

If you are interested in taking advantage of the unprecedented business opportunities available in New Haven, the New Haven Department of Planning and Economic Development can be a valuable partner.  Please contact department Director Brian Yoh regarding Economic Development within the City fo New Haven.  

Economic Development Links

Greater Fort Wayne Inc.

Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership

Fire & Rescue LogoWe are a combination type ALS ambulance service that includes six (6) full time Paramedic/Firefighters, one part time EMT/Firefighter and nearly 40 volunteer Paramedic and EMT personnel. We have two ALS level ambulances and one ALS non-transport vehicle that operate out of the New Haven/Adams Township central fire station. We are certified as a Paramedic ambulance provider with the Indiana State EMS Commission. We are a third service public safety agency and operate along side the fire department.

All careeer EMS personnel are required to be dual role and cross-trained as a Paramedic and a firefighter and certified in both by the State of Indiana. The New Haven/Adams Township Fire and EMS Governing Body govern us. Our coverage area includes the City of New Haven, all of unincorporated Adams Township and the contracted areas of Jefferson and Milan Townships. We average 1100 responses per year covering approximately 30,000 residents, 600 industrial and commercial sites, 17 schools and numerous rail and chemical facilities.

The City of New Haven Engineering Department is responsible for the planning, coordination and the preparation of plans, specifications, estimates, bid procedures and other design matters for public works construction and improvement projects, including street resurfacing and construction, storm drainage systems, sanitary sewers, and water line projects.

The Engineering Department also manages other related engineering activities such as surveying, mapping, subdivision and plat review; prepares and monitors grant applications; provides engineering review for developers, citizens, agencies and others; provides engineering assistance in the operation, construction, maintenance and repair activities involving water transmission, storage and distribution, sewage collection and conveyance; assists in providing estimates and forecasts for long range planning and provides investigations for public works functions; investigates citizen complaints relating to public works activities.

The Engineering Department also prepares written and verbal reports as requested; prepares and monitors the engineering department budget, supervises subordinate employees and attends City Council and other public meetings as directed.
The Engineering Department is available Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. We are closed on all Legal Holidays.
Engineering GIS Web Applications

New Haven Adams Township Fire Department

We are a combination type fire and rescue department that includes twelve (12) full time firefighters and 55 volunteer firefighters. We have three (3) fire stations with a total of 17 pieces of equipment. We are unique in the sense as our name indicates, our department was consolidated in 1990 from two departments, one being the City of New Haven with two fire stations, and the other being Adams Township also with two fire stations. Two stations were closed and one central station was built.

New Haven Adams Township EMS Department

We are a combination type ALS ambulance service that includes three (3) full time Paramedic/firefighters, four (4) part-time EMT/firefighters and 40 volunteer EMT personnel. We have three ALS level ambulances that run out of the New Haven/Adams Township central fire station. We are certified as an Ambulance provider with the Indiana State EMS Commission. We are a third service public safety agency and operate along side the fire department.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department provides overall policy direction on human resource management issues and administrative support functions related to the management of employees for all City departments.  We are committed to being a strategic partner with all City departments to ensure that the City has the talent and resources needed to provide great services to the community.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Career opportunities are available to all applicants without regard to race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, disability, citizenship status, military status or any other category protected under federal, state or local law. 

A Letter From The Mayor

Terry E. McDonald
Welcome to the City of New Haven!  It is my privilege to welcome you to the New Haven Web Page. This is your link to your local City government. Here you will find out how to contact the Mayor and members of City Council, meet City Department heads, learn about City services and find the answers to most of your questions.

We are very proud of our City and this web page, and would like for you to take your time and browse through the various departments and services. The City has been very busy this past year with many public works projects, including water and sewer improvements, water main extensions, street construction, and various street improvements and maintenance. We are working closely with City Council on projects such as, Downtown Redevelopment, Economic Development and expansion of City services. We are currently developing new parks, working to improve our existing parks, and  building our River Greenway that is connecting us with Fort Wayne's Greenway. We are also in the midst of preparing a new Master Plan for development.

As our City continues to grow and attract new families, we find ourselves faced with many challenges. Our policy is, and always will be, to develop New Haven with regard to our existing community. New Haven is building for the future to provide the very best for you - the taxpayer.

We are at a very important time in formulating the destiny of our City and we want you to know that your City government and staff are very excited about the future. The City of New Haven needs continuous input from all of our citizens. I encourage you to attend City Council meetings, which are scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. I also encourage you to become involved in volunteer opportunities, such as with the Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, the Heritage Society, citizen task forces, and neighborhood associations, among many of our community projects. Some of our projects happen simply because of our community volunteers. We are very thankful for all those volunteers who have become involved in this community and appreciate all your efforts and hard work on community projects. Community involvement and support through volunteerism is something we are very proud of in New Haven.

Thank you and always remember that......"You Are Always At Home In New Haven, Indiana."
For access to information about the City of New Haven Parks & Recreation Department, visit their website here:

The Planning Department works continually to ensure continued and improved effectiveness in making the city of New Haven a desirable place to live and work.

The goal of the Planning Department is to guide New Haven's growth and development through the implementation of adopted development policies and enforcement of land use regulations. Staff also provides professional support to the New Haven Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.

NHPD Squad car
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The New Haven Police Department is proud to offer many services to the community. Officers are active teaching safety awareness programs to the students of our public and private schools. Our Crime Prevention Officer assists neighborhood associations with creation of neighborhood watch programs, crime prevention techniques, and direct liaison contact for neighborhood problems. The department is also proud to sponsor a law enforcement student cadet program for our youth of the community who look to law enforcement as a possible career.
Our officers are pleased that they are still able to provide the citizens of New Haven the personalized services that are often times no longer available or offered by larger departments. Officers assist citizens when they are locked out of their vehicles. Our department also continues to conduct routine property checks for citizens who go on vacation or are away from their residence for an extended period of time.
The New Haven Police Department provides an internet Action Center for our citizens to ask questions, report non-emergency concerns and to request property checks.
The members of the New Haven Police Department hold themselves to the highest standards and we are proud to provide you the professional service that you deserve.

New Haven Police Department

Mission Statement


With a vision for the future and a tradition of excellence, we are dedicated

to providing professional law enforcement services while working to obtain

justice and equality for all the residents and visitors in our city. The New Haven

Police shall treat all people fairly, impartially, and with respect and dignity while

maintaining the integrity of the profession. It is the mission of the department

to work proactively with the citizens to prevent criminal activities and to enhance

the quality of life within our community.  


The Utilities Department is responsible for coordinating, planning and organizing the maintenance of the water, sewer and street departments; working with the Engineering Department and Planning Department and responding to concerns and problems that arise from routine activities of the departments, both public and private.

It is the overall responsibility of the Department to respond as quickly as possible to the needs and concerns of the citizens of New Haven regarding public safety in water, sewer and street issues, as well as to provide an aesthetic and comfortable atmosphere in which to live and raise families.

It is my privilege to welcome you to the City of New Haven website. This is your link to your local city government. Here you will find out how to contact the Mayor and members of the City Council, meet city department heads, learn about city services and find the answers to most of your questions. Our latest upgrades to our website's capabilities are now in place. Our Action Center enables citizens to complete "live" online forms to request government services, e.g. report broken signs and signals, burned out street lights, code violations, potholes, etc. The notification feature informs citizens on the status of the report via email. The Action Center promotes two-way communications and contains robust reporting features that allow city employees to accurately evaluate services.

The new Payment Center allows citizens and businesses alike to conveniently pay City utility bills. The secured Internet payment window will be open 24 hour a day and 7 days a week for the convenience of the citizens of New Haven.

We are excited about the changes to our website. This progress is good government and we are proud to bring it to you.

Thank you and always remember;
"You're always at home in New Haven."

-Mayor Terry E. McDonald


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